Dark Wood Flooring Living Room

shutterstock_488817292Dark hardwood floors is really a interior classic and it’s easy to see why a growing number of individuals are seeking it out as the ideal solution to their living room jobs. Dark hardwood floors in a living area isn’t merely a timeless option, it is also going to stand up very well to the large traffic which many living rooms encounter.

In Bow Floor Sanding, we’ve got a fantastic assortment of dark hardwood floors that ranges from dark reds to jet whites. But before you make your decision, there are various Things Which You should take under Consideration when you are picking dark hardwood floors for your living space, and here are the main ones:

Selecting the Most Appropriate end

While individuals who live independently, might not have a large quantity of traffic, surely in busy family houses, any flooring you select must have a challenging finish.

Either lacquer or oiled endings will resist a challenge.

Lacquers are extremely similar to what could have been known as varnishes previously. A floor protection which sits on the outside, you can anticipate a small glow when you opt for a lacquer, even if it is a matt alternative. Splash and spill resistant, lacquered flooring will endure to many challenges that the busiest families will throw in them. Theshutterstock_552457138 one thing that you want to be conscious of having a lacquered conclusion is that in case you believe that your room stands the possibility of being exposed to things which will create scratches, lacquer will reveal scratch harm over the oiled finish.

An oiled end is that the modern day equivalent of a waxed floor. Giving a very natural result, an oiled flooring gets the advantage of its security moving into the core of the wood. A fantastic option if you would like a real matt finish, when you opt for an oiled dark hardwood flooring for your living space, it is worth making certain the oil includes a UV filter to prevent sun damage.

Re-sanding choices

Because living rooms are normally busy, it’s worth contemplating the capability to re-sand and refinish your floor if it will become tired appearing over time. The way engineered wood flooring is assembled , you can anticipate to be able to sand it two or a max of 3 times throughout its lifetime. Everything you want to keep an eye out for in order to have the peace of mind of knowing that you can re-sand your flooring as frequently as you may want to is the depth of the top layer. The likes of 4mm to 6mm thick surface choices, are going to be able to be sanded more frequently than 3mm alternative.

Selecting the appearance for your style

Dark wood flooring goes with completely every manner of inside, so regardless of if you’re likely an extremely contemporary look for your living space or you get a great selection of antique furniture, this appearance will do the job for you. With everything from these jet black options, through to the reclaimed look or this simple to fit click option, you truly can not go wrong.

Getting the colour place on

Zoomer-Dino-Boomer-best-selling-pet-toy-for-kids-2014Among the main considerations for you personally is very likely to be getting the colour right for your flooring. As we mentioned previously, dark wood flooring can range from quite dark reds to jet blacks and the colour that will work best for you is very much a personal choice.

A fantastic thing about Bank Floor Sanding is that we know how important it’s to make the ideal colour choice and it’s for this reason that you can order a totally free sample of any of our flooring on the item page of the website. It really couldn’t be simpler and by doing this you’ll be able to make certain to make absolutely the ideal option.

If you would like personal assistance to locate the appropriate dark wood flooring for your living space, why don’t you get in contact? We’d love to hear from you and to assist you in making the best decision for your unique situation.


76314313I love hardwood flooring but we’ve got an extremely busy young Golden Retriever and this dog can grow to be 70 lbs. What are some of the concerns which I need to have for choosing the right hardwood flooring for pets?

This is one of the most common concerns we hear from households with pets, especially big dogs. The truth with pets pee (while it is acidic) is it is similar to spilling a glass of orange juice. This alone will not cause harm to your hardwood floors if cleaned in a timely way. Hardwood flooring is developed to be lived on slow wear and tear isn’t just inevitable, it needs to be expected.

Scratches and dents will collect on the surface of your wood floors over time. These gradually develop into a part of your home and reminder of these a1508153_1035986449751191_4291852718396644131_ndventures shared indoors. With that said, there are ways to decrease the visibility and preserving your ideal floors before and after the setup.

It is the home owner’s duty to research on which kind of flooring is best suited for their family. When choosing hardwood flooring, it is important to consider several aspects which will influence the wear of your own hardwood. These include the End, Hardness, Color, and Texture:

The end serves as a protective layer over or inside the hardwood. When picking a finish, look at a matte finish which may reflect less light creating small scratches almost undetectable.

Hardness, also referred to as Janka Rating, is the very over-rated house in hardwood flooring. High Janka Rating wood flooring will dramatically decrease dents made by 70+ lb puppy nails, but it is much less likely to have any effect on preventing scratches on the surface.

Woocat-832597_1920d flooring is offered in hand scraped and wire-brushed feel developing a distressed all-natural look. When choosing a softer wood species, feel could make the relatively lower Janka Rating irrelevant. Let’s face it, even if you get a dent on a rough looking floor it will blend right in.

Natural coloured flooring will hide scratches over a stained hardwood. When heavy scratches occur, it may get through the finish into the bare wood. If your stain is a dramatically different color than the natural wood colour, it is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

After 15-20 years of residential usage, your hardwood floors might be starting to show its age. The fantastic news is that most superior hardwood flooring supplies a sand-able wear layer, you will have the ability to restore your wood floors to brand new. Just call your local hardwood flooring shop and they’ll be able to sand and complete your floors to make it seem fresh.


classic-hard-mapleHardwood flooring represents a significant investment in your home and it’s vital to make the ideal choices. To assist you pick the hardwood floors that will fit your home and your lifestyle, we are continuing in our collection of factsheets, with a look at walnut hardwood.


Maple trees are not only good for producing syrup. In fact, walnut has been the wood of choice for furniture makers since olden days, offering chances like musical instruments, fine furniture and, naturally, flooring.

Hard maple is often known as sugar maple, and as you may have guessed, is that the tree that is exploited for its yummy syrup.

Maples are in the Acer family — that has over 100 species of trees and shrubs worldwide. Many are native to Asia, though many are found across Europe and North America.

Unlike its milder sister, maple hardwood is naturally durable and splinter resistant making it a natural selection for flooring. It’s frequently utilized in bowling alleys, thanks to being so tough.

The great thing about walnut is its versatility. In addition to flooring, it’s also used for baseball bats, billiard cues and bowling pins. The necks of stringed instruments such as guitars and violins are usually made from maple due to the timber’s acoustic properties.


Unlike many other hardwoods, when it comes to walnut, the sapwood instead of the heartwood will be used. While maple heartwood is generally a dark red brown, the sapwood can vary from nearly white to a creamy colour, often tinged golden or with a red hue.

As it provides chances of lighter colors than a number of other hardwoods used for flooring do not, walnut is a great choice for a smaller area or study which might become overpowered with a darker floor. But, maple doesn’t like staining.

The durability of walnut hardwood leaves walnut a great selection for flooring. Not just that, the nice, tight grain will be able to help you attain a uniform finish for your room. Another great bonus when considering maple hardwood to your floors is that it’s also fairly easy to maintain. Maple requires little more than weekly sweeping, along with also the occasional mop with a gentle wood soap to ensure it retains its attractiveness.




Wooden flooring has long been popular for quite a while, and its capacity to provide natural beauty and fashion to any room in which it is installed is among the main reasons why it’s the first choice for a homeowner.

However, as soon as you’ve had this floors installed in your house, you can not afford to just forget about it and don’t make

the effort to keep it on a regular basis, and it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in peak condition.

There are numerous preventative measures that ought to be taken to maintain your wooden flooring appearing as good as possible for as long as possible; here are a couple of of the most effective…

– Clean up some water and liquid spills immediately, as letting them soak in could result in permanent damage to a hardwood flooring

– Use only products recommended by a flooring professional like Justwood floors

– Invest in rugs and place at places such as sinks and areas That Are subject to large traffic

– Fit felt pads or castor cups all furniture

– Use a Fantastic Excellent barrier matt at all external entrances

– Remove footwear (especially high heeled stiletto styles) before walking wooden flooring

Follow these basic steps and you can prevent premature deterioration of your wooden flooring and keep it looking beautiful for as long as you can.

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from the top to the bottom. The thickness varies from ¾” to 5/16”. Those wood floors can be installed both above and on grade, and they can be sanded and refinished during its service life.
Engineered wood floors from other side are also real wood floors made by using multiple wood or wood composite veneers. The veneers can be from the same or from different wood species. It have a great stability because the grain of each veneer runs in different direction. This mean that the wood will resist expanding and contracting during fluctuations in humidity and temperature which is really making it wide usable. This type of flooring can also be sanded and refinished and it can be installed above, on or below grade.


Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring
The cost can vary a great deal. Always check samples of the flooring within the stores because these can provide you with an indication of any alignment problems, gaps, and unevenness within the floorboards. There is a multitude of alternatives for arranging floor tiles especially, should you be using tiles. Ultimately, recreate an authentic tiled floor with the utilization of concrete floor paint, however only with thicker joints. Bamboo flooring is a form of wood flooring which has gained popularity within the recent decades. You may choose the proper carpet flooring that meets your budget. It depends in your personal requirements concerning the kind of Commercial Flooring London that may be required. As stated by the experts, rubber flooring is the greatest and most likely the only option in regards to greatest flooring for home gyms. Bamboo is a sort of grass. Bamboo flooring has gotten especially famous the southeast and west coast areas because of its solidness and visual appeal. Some might not realize that bamboo is actually only an overgrown kind of grass. Window blinds made from bamboo proved traditionally being used for years and years in Japan and other parts of Asia.


Wood looking good

Still looking good
Years are passing by and they are changing many things around and in us. But there are still things in our life that can be renovated ! Well this is our wooden floors we are speaking of!
They keep so many memories and important step inside them , but it is not good when they are showing out like marks.To keep them fit and tidy start a sanding process and the difference will be so big that it will change the all interior around! Let the best in this business show you what is means a ” well done job” and relax by watching the shine on the top of your wooden floors!

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1. Quebracho – From the Spanish “quebrar hacha,” which literally means
“axe breaker.” Aptly named, wood in the Schinopsis genus is among the
heaviest and hardest in the world.
2. Lignum Vitae -Widely accepted as the hardest wood in the world–this
wood has been listed as an endangered species and is listed in CITES.
Consider Verawood as a very close substitute.
3. Gidgee – This Australian endemic is both very heavy and very strong.
Some pieces are dark enough to be used as an ebony substitute: one that’s
even harder than the original article.
4. Snakewood – It’s easy to see what makes Snakewood so unique–its patterns
and markings resemble the skin of a snake. Limited supply and high demand
make this one of the most expensive woods on eart.
5. Verawood – Sometimes called Argentine Lignum Vitae, this wood is a gem:
inexpensive, great olive-green color, beautiful feathery grain pattern, and
it takes a great natural polish on the lathe.
6. Camelthorn – Formerly classified as a member of the Acacia genus, this
south African hardwood is a tough customer. The wood is stubbornly hard,
and the tree is protected by giant sharp thorns.
7. African Blackwood – In some parts of the world, this wood has achieved
an almost legendary status. Historical evidence points to this wood
(rather than Diospyros spp.) being the original “ebony.”
8. Black Ironwood – Pieces are very seldom seen for sale, as this tree is
too small to produce commercially viable lumber. Like the unrelated
Desert Ironwood, Black Ironwood is an excellent choice for small
turning projects.
9. Katalox / Wamara – Some pieces can be just about a dark as true ebony,
while others are a more reddish brown with black streaks. So much depth
in the Swartzia genus, there’s something for everyone!
10. Cebil- Also known as Curupay or by the exaggerated name Patagonian
Rosewood, Cebil is not a true rosewood. It has a highly variable streaked
appearance not too unlike Goncalo Alves.

Test your floors

Test your floors
Wooden floors are the most solid and classic material in each home this days. The elegance that wooden floors are showing us and keeping the fact that it last for many decades is making wood flooring an attractive for informed house owners!
If you have a hardwood flooring, you can refinish it and bring back the in it sparkle again!
Wood as a material base is a porous and vulnerable. Many people today usually choose to help their floors last longer as protecting them against moisture with sanding. A simple test to find out your floor condition is to place a drop of water on it- if the drop isn’t absorbed, or takes a few minutes to soak in,this mean that your wooden floor may be in good shape, but in case the drop soaks in immediately- this mean that it is time for renovation !