76314313I love hardwood flooring but we’ve got an extremely busy young Golden Retriever and this dog can grow to be 70 lbs. What are some of the concerns which I need to have for choosing the right hardwood flooring for pets?

This is one of the most common concerns we hear from households with pets, especially big dogs. The truth with pets pee (while it is acidic) is it is similar to spilling a glass of orange juice. This alone will not cause harm to your hardwood floors if cleaned in a timely way. Hardwood flooring is developed to be lived on slow wear and tear isn’t just inevitable, it needs to be expected.

Scratches and dents will collect on the surface of your wood floors over time. These gradually develop into a part of your home and reminder of these a1508153_1035986449751191_4291852718396644131_ndventures shared indoors. With that said, there are ways to decrease the visibility and preserving your ideal floors before and after the setup.

It is the home owner’s duty to research on which kind of flooring is best suited for their family. When choosing hardwood flooring, it is important to consider several aspects which will influence the wear of your own hardwood. These include the End, Hardness, Color, and Texture:

The end serves as a protective layer over or inside the hardwood. When picking a finish, look at a matte finish which may reflect less light creating small scratches almost undetectable.

Hardness, also referred to as Janka Rating, is the very over-rated house in hardwood flooring. High Janka Rating wood flooring will dramatically decrease dents made by 70+ lb puppy nails, but it is much less likely to have any effect on preventing scratches on the surface.

Woocat-832597_1920d flooring is offered in hand scraped and wire-brushed feel developing a distressed all-natural look. When choosing a softer wood species, feel could make the relatively lower Janka Rating irrelevant. Let’s face it, even if you get a dent on a rough looking floor it will blend right in.

Natural coloured flooring will hide scratches over a stained hardwood. When heavy scratches occur, it may get through the finish into the bare wood. If your stain is a dramatically different color than the natural wood colour, it is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

After 15-20 years of residential usage, your hardwood floors might be starting to show its age. The fantastic news is that most superior hardwood flooring supplies a sand-able wear layer, you will have the ability to restore your wood floors to brand new. Just call your local hardwood flooring shop and they’ll be able to sand and complete your floors to make it seem fresh.

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