classic-hard-mapleHardwood flooring represents a significant investment in your home and it’s vital to make the ideal choices. To assist you pick the hardwood floors that will fit your home and your lifestyle, we are continuing in our collection of factsheets, with a look at walnut hardwood.


Maple trees are not only good for producing syrup. In fact, walnut has been the wood of choice for furniture makers since olden days, offering chances like musical instruments, fine furniture and, naturally, flooring.

Hard maple is often known as sugar maple, and as you may have guessed, is that the tree that is exploited for its yummy syrup.

Maples are in the Acer family — that has over 100 species of trees and shrubs worldwide. Many are native to Asia, though many are found across Europe and North America.

Unlike its milder sister, maple hardwood is naturally durable and splinter resistant making it a natural selection for flooring. It’s frequently utilized in bowling alleys, thanks to being so tough.

The great thing about walnut is its versatility. In addition to flooring, it’s also used for baseball bats, billiard cues and bowling pins. The necks of stringed instruments such as guitars and violins are usually made from maple due to the timber’s acoustic properties.


Unlike many other hardwoods, when it comes to walnut, the sapwood instead of the heartwood will be used. While maple heartwood is generally a dark red brown, the sapwood can vary from nearly white to a creamy colour, often tinged golden or with a red hue.

As it provides chances of lighter colors than a number of other hardwoods used for flooring do not, walnut is a great choice for a smaller area or study which might become overpowered with a darker floor. But, maple doesn’t like staining.

The durability of walnut hardwood leaves walnut a great selection for flooring. Not just that, the nice, tight grain will be able to help you attain a uniform finish for your room. Another great bonus when considering maple hardwood to your floors is that it’s also fairly easy to maintain. Maple requires little more than weekly sweeping, along with also the occasional mop with a gentle wood soap to ensure it retains its attractiveness.

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