shutterstock_488817292Dark hardwood floors is really a interior classic and it’s easy to see why a growing number of individuals are seeking it out as the ideal solution to their living room jobs. Dark hardwood floors in a living area isn’t merely a timeless option, it is also going to stand up very well to the large traffic which many living rooms encounter.

In Bow Floor Sanding, we’ve got a fantastic assortment of dark hardwood floors that ranges from dark reds to jet whites. But before you make your decision, there are various Things Which You should take under Consideration when you are picking dark hardwood floors for your living space, and here are the main ones:

Selecting the Most Appropriate end

While individuals who live independently, might not have a large quantity of traffic, surely in busy family houses, any flooring you select must have a challenging finish.

Either lacquer or oiled endings will resist a challenge.

Lacquers are extremely similar to what could have been known as varnishes previously. A floor protection which sits on the outside, you can anticipate a small glow when you opt for a lacquer, even if it is a matt alternative. Splash and spill resistant, lacquered flooring will endure to many challenges that the busiest families will throw in them. Theshutterstock_552457138 one thing that you want to be conscious of having a lacquered conclusion is that in case you believe that your room stands the possibility of being exposed to things which will create scratches, lacquer will reveal scratch harm over the oiled finish.

An oiled end is that the modern day equivalent of a waxed floor. Giving a very natural result, an oiled flooring gets the advantage of its security moving into the core of the wood. A fantastic option if you would like a real matt finish, when you opt for an oiled dark hardwood flooring for your living space, it is worth making certain the oil includes a UV filter to prevent sun damage.

Re-sanding choices

Because living rooms are normally busy, it’s worth contemplating the capability to re-sand and refinish your floor if it will become tired appearing over time. The way engineered wood flooring is assembled , you can anticipate to be able to sand it two or a max of 3 times throughout its lifetime. Everything you want to keep an eye out for in order to have the peace of mind of knowing that you can re-sand your flooring as frequently as you may want to is the depth of the top layer. The likes of 4mm to 6mm thick surface choices, are going to be able to be sanded more frequently than 3mm alternative.

Selecting the appearance for your style

Dark wood flooring goes with completely every manner of inside, so regardless of if you’re likely an extremely contemporary look for your living space or you get a great selection of antique furniture, this appearance will do the job for you. With everything from these jet black options, through to the reclaimed look or this simple to fit click option, you truly can not go wrong.

Getting the colour place on

Zoomer-Dino-Boomer-best-selling-pet-toy-for-kids-2014Among the main considerations for you personally is very likely to be getting the colour right for your flooring. As we mentioned previously, dark wood flooring can range from quite dark reds to jet blacks and the colour that will work best for you is very much a personal choice.

A fantastic thing about Bank Floor Sanding is that we know how important it’s to make the ideal colour choice and it’s for this reason that you can order a totally free sample of any of our flooring on the item page of the website. It really couldn’t be simpler and by doing this you’ll be able to make certain to make absolutely the ideal option.

If you would like personal assistance to locate the appropriate dark wood flooring for your living space, why don’t you get in contact? We’d love to hear from you and to assist you in making the best decision for your unique situation.

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